Smart LED controller programbar

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Smart LED controller infinitely variable dimmer sunrise sunset

Belastning max 100 watt

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*Aquarium Light Controller LED Dimmer Modulator

*Industrial-grade LED display digital tube that can be easily detected at any angle and light

*100-level dimming to meet the requirements of various plants and pets for light, at the same time, both open and close use the gradient mode to reduce the effect on fish

*With 8 sets of time brightness Settings, timer switch, simulate the different brightness switch of nature. Combine the timer and the dimmer into one.

*0.05UM patch, mature sunrise and sunset procedures, all tested in the factory

*LED Dimmer Controller Modulator for Aquarium Fish Tank

*100% new brand and high quality

*Compatible with conventional 12V under 100W with constant pressure LED lamps

*Material: Plastic

*Model: S2/ S2 pro

*Width: 6.5cm (Approx.)