Pixie 80 Saltwater

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Size 14.78CM*14.78CM*3.4CM(L*W*H)
Package Weight 3kg
Package Size 34cm*27cm*9cm
Suitable Tank 60~80CM*60CM(L*W)

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Power Draw 80~100W
LED Source 1pcs COB(60pcs chips)
Universal Input Range 100-240VAC
Dimensions Length: 5.81 inches/14.78cm
Width: 5.81 inches/14.78cm
Height: 1.34 inches/3.40cm
Suitable tank Size 60cm(L)*60cm(W) tank
24″(L)*24″(W) tank
Version Saltwater, Freshwater


The Pixie 80 supplies a suitable environment for aquarium tanks, with Sunrise,Sunset, Moonlight, and Thunderstorm modes. All the facts have proven that the Pixie 80 is your good choice.


Wifi Control

We use the latest DMX and PWM control technology, you can program the light via Android or iOS devices. 4 separate channels to customize spectrum, timer and dimmer. And lifelike natural weather mode simulations including Daylight, Thunderstorm, Moonlight, Cloud, Sunrise, Sunset.  A group of lights can be daisy  chained together and controlled by one Wifi Controller.



The Lumin Pixie 80 uses a high-power COB LEDs, each LEDs output has high lumens and intensity. LEDs are combined using secondary lens and the best material for light transmittance. Providing incredible coral and plant growth.

Copper COB

CH1:10pcs Blue LEDs
CH2: 16pcs Cold White + 2pcs Red + 2pcs Green
CH3: 14pcs Royal Blue + 2pcs UV + 4pcs Purple
CH4: 10pcs Blue LEDs
Copper COB is with strong thermal conductivity


Mount Kit

Aluminum mount kit, stylish design. You can easily install

the light on your tank, and adjust the mount height basis

on your tank size.

Cooling System

Pixie light uses aluminum heatsink and smart fans to dissipate. The fans are controlled by PWM control technology, fans’ speed and noise is under control, slient operation. And it has self-monitoring function, once fan broke down, the light will dim down to 20% so as to protect whole light system.

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