Glisten 135 SALTWATER

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Model Glisten 135
Wattage 135W (48pcs LEDs)
Size 80CM*14CM*3.1CM(L*W*H)
Package Size 96.5CM*34.5CM*13.6CM

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Power Draw 135W
LED Source 48pcs 5w double-chip LEDs
Universal Input Range 100-240VAC
Dimensions Length: 32 inches/813mm
Width: 5.5inches/143mm
Height: 1.2inches/30mm
Suitable tank Size 90~120cm(L)*60cm(W) tank
36″~48″(L)*24″(W) tank
Version Saltwater, Freshwater, Jellyfish



The Glisten 135 supplies a suitable environment for marine and fresh water tanks, with Sunrise, Moonlight, and Thunderstorm modes. The effect is three times greater than comparable lights. All the facts have proven that the Glisten 135 is the best choice.See more examples of growth under the Glisten 135:

Wifi ControlWe use the new and popular technology-DMX, 4 programmable channels, you can set up dimmer and timer. The light simulates sunrise, sunset, thunderstorm, moonlight, cloud weather mode, let your coral grows under natural enviroment.



12 x Blue 5W SemiLEDs
16 x Royal Blue 5W SemiLEDs
12 x Cool White 5W Bridgelux LEDs
2 x warm white 5W Bridgelux LEDs
2 x UV 5w Edison LEDs
2 x Red 5W LEDs
2 x green 5W LEDs
Total: 48pcs double-chip leds
Lifespan: 50000Hrs

Main Specification

Actual power : 135 watts
0.61amps @ 220V; 1.22amps @ 110V
Power Factor(PF): > 0.96
Frequency: 50/60Hz
AC Cable Length: 4ft

Quiet Passive Cooling

Aluminum fin heat sink system cover the entire body, It’s quiet with no fan design. and the thickness is only 3.0cm.


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